Programme Costs

The Hawke’s Bay Strands Trust is committed to the principles of Enabling Good Lives and ensuring every young person has the opportunity to live an interesting and fulfilling life, with their peers, and as part of the community.

Programme Cost

Registrations are available for half or full days for the term, i.e. Monday mornings, Wednesday full day.
The cost is $80 for a full day and $50 for a half day.

Drop off and pick up at the start and end of the day is available. Drop off and pick up for those attending half days is subject to availability. Cost for this is $2 per trip.

An invoice will be issued on acceptance of registration.

You may be able to use your NASC allocation (carer support or Individualised funding) respite to fund attendance.


Most activities are included in the daily rate.

Where there are additional costs these will be advised upfront. Purchases of snacks, cafe items, movie snacks, timezone credits etc and the responsibility of the young person attending.


It is difficult to cater for the dietary needs of such a diverse group. Lunch, snacks and drinks should be provided or funds to purchase these.

Once a week a shared lunch will be provided. This may be a make your own lunch experience with ingredients provided.